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I built this platform base on reddit but code is written from scratch. But open for any changes that you can send /h/requests here.

Current features All basic stuff like creating, posting, commenting, moderation vote up and down, report spam and give token. Requirements for creating a sub is verified email and 1 sub per 15 days (with 3 available to start and will probably add more restriction later on). The reason I added email requirements for creating sub is I want owners of subs to have their own rules and be legally responsible on what happens on their sub. I don't plan on creating default subs and have no manpower to moderate it myself so any legal requests will be forwarded or should be directly sent to sub owners but email will never be shared. But since the front page is my responsibility, I will have to put some moderation policy on posts. But since you own your sub, it pays back. Any token giving/receiving that happened to your sub, you get 50% of the value of the token. This way the community will have the power to support the subs they like. Giving tokens doesn't really do anything yet but support but I see it like a currency that can be use to buy stuff under different subs that can be implemented in future. (Also open for any changes on this)

All the tokens a sub gets, the owner will manage. Either they can cash out everything, pay their moderators, give to charity is up to them.

What happens to the other 50% It will be used for growth, servers, charity, etc. I'm also thinking of making this a non-profit organization. Any extras after paying necessities to run the company will be donated to charity or growth. I'll probably have the community decide or split it up properly.

That's it. Still very open to any changes. Enjoy!

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    /u/jguest 6 years ago

    I like the layout, nice and clean. Good luck! :)