Why is heardit the next big thing?

submitted 6 years ago by /u/jguest to /h/askheardit

I do really like the clean layout, and I like how the rules will be managed. Why do you think heardit will be big?


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    /u/silly 6 years ago

    Thanks. I've worked on the layout but still working on it so if you have suggestions/request, please feel free to submit them so that we can incorporate it into future updates.

    I don't know for sure if heardit will be big but I supported /u/happy in this vision of creating something for the community without (possibly) turning it into a corporate fiasco. From reddit, I was inspired by the moderators and redditors who kept free and smart information flowing. For that alone, we wanted to have something that will really give back to those who work hard to keep the community alive.

    I'm sorry if I don't have something smart to say - but I think heardit will only be big if we can really build a community who carries the same passion, who constantly search for truth and willing to share it with others. And we will never be in the way ever because this will be owned by the community and we are just part of that.

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    /u/Hitler 6 years ago

    Oh ok